Hi, I'm Jin Dao Tai. I have been through years of university, worked in jobs which I liked and eventually hated, had part time jobs, dabbled in F&B businesses, made and lost money investing. 

I am now an Entrepreneur, Award-Winning Forex Coach & Trainer, International Speaker and Multi-Million Dollar Trader.

I have delivered keynotes, trainings and workshops around the world for over a decade. Sharing my unique views of macroeconomic developments, experiences in the financial markets, and tips and tricks in gaining the edge in trading.

Ultimately I truly believe, being successful is achieved only through making a positive impact on the lives of others!

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Is This You?

  • Are you constantly entering trades without having any idea what you are doing?
  • Do you find yourself losing more trades than you win?
  • Are you constantly changing your strategy or searching for new strategies whenever you encounter a losing streak?
  • ​Do you have problems with managing your emotions when you trade?
  • ​Are you losing more money than you win per trade?

The Solution

  • Follow signals that have a win rate of 70% on average.
  • ​Know EXACTLY where to put your STOP-LOSS and TARGET-PROFIT.
  • ​Learn the analysis behind the signals so you can EARN and LEARN at the same time.
  • ​Get help on breaking down the day-to-day market happenings with detailed analysis.
  • Have all your questions answered via LIVE group chat with coaches.


Live Webinars, Forex Signals, Video Courses, Analysis, Q&A and many more...

  • Web, Desktop, Mobile application
  • Forex Signals
  • ​Mobile App Notification
  • ​Live Webinars
  • ​Daily Analysis
  • ​Group Coaching

You will be learning the exact strategy I use to trade my multi-million dollar account.

See what my pool of elite investors say!

June 2021 Signal Results

65% win rate.

+2310 Pips.
US$23,100 one 1 standard lot.

July 2021 Signal Results

65% win rate.

+2660 Pips
US$26,600 one 1 standard lot.

August 2021 Signal Results

70% win rate.

+2410 Pips
US$24,100 on 1 standard lot

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